Walton Group Job Circular 2020

Walton Group Job Circular 2020 has been published in daily Newspaper Amader Somoy. Also To Get Walton Group Job Circular 2020 Full Details From BD Jobs One. For Information, Walton Group is a multinational privately-owned real estate investment and development group in Bangladesh. That Mange and Produce Various Types Essential Products for People Such as Walton Motors, Walton Mobile and Walton Electronics etc. The Company Founded Was 1977 and Total Number of employee 20,000. Today Walton Group announcing to hiring 200 energetic peoples of position Security Guard.You can below job details with Walton group job circular image 2018. Great Ready and Apply Today!!

■ Organization Name: Walton Group , Bangladesh.

■ Job Posting Date:  10 February 2020

■ Application Deadline: 27 February 2020

■ Salary: Negotiable

■ Number of Vacancies:See Below Circular Image.

■ Educational Requirements: See Below Circular Image.

■ Age Limit for Jobs: See Below Circular Image.

■ Experience Requirements: See Below Circular Image.

■ Application Process: See Below Circular Image.

■ Job Types: Private Limited Company Jobs

■ Job Category: Full Time

■ Additional Job Requirements: See Below Circular Image.

■ Jobs Location: Dhaka

■ Web Address: https://walton.com/

Walton Group Job Circular 2020

Walton Group Job Circular 2020 1

■ Application Deadline: 25 February 2020

আপনার সিভি পাঠান -jobs@waltonbd.com


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