Udayan High School Admission Circular 2021

Udayan High School Admission Circular 2021. Get Udayan School Admission Circular 2020 For Class One. Admission Circular Publish For Bangla and Enlgish Version. Interested Candidates have To Apply Through Online. So, Check Udayan School Admission Circular 2021 and Apply Within last Date. The School Started Journey in June 1955. At That Time The School Was Known as Dhaka English Preparatory School. It Was Located To The Vice Chancellor’s House of Dhaka University. The Institute Name Change of Dhaka English Preparatory School As Udayan Bidyalaya and Upgrading as a High School.

Udayan High School Admission 2021

Udayan High School Admission Circular 2021 Publish on October 2020. The Institute Present Chairman Professor Mohammad Akhtaruzzaman, Who is Vice Chancellor, University of Dhaka. Institute Present Principal is Dr. Umme Salema Begum. So, Udayan High School is Well Known Institute in Dhaka Mohanagar, The Institute Affiliated From Dhaka University. Udayan follows the standard curriculum provided by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board. Accordingly, the school provides education for primary, secondary and higher secondary levels.

Udayan high School is Located at an Alluring Site in The Dhaka University Campus. So, If You Want To Get Admission Udayan High School, Then Complete The Online Application Form. Currently, The Institute Open The Class One Admission Circular. However, Interested Candidates Can Apply Class one Admission From 12 November 2020 to 23 November 2020

There Are No Admission Test Will Held For Udayan High School Class One Admission. Students Will Select by Viva Test and Lottery Draw.

Important Date:

  • Online Application Start: 12 November 2020
  • Online Application End: 23 November 2020
  • Last Date of Payment: 26 November 2020
  • Primary Viva Test Date: Notify Later
  • Class One Admission Lottery Result: Notify Later

How To Apply:

Students (Guardian) Have To Fill Up The Application Form Through Online. Udayan High School Admission Online Application Form Will Found at www.udayan.edu.bd Official Website. After Complete Admission Form Fill Up, Candidates have To Pay Application Form Fee by Sonali Sheba From Sonali Bank Bangladesh.

  • Go To udayan.edu.bd and Click Apply Online Under Admission Menu
  • Now Provide Students Information, Guardian’s Information, Present and Permanent Address and Mobile Number For Get Notification.
  • Oh! You have To Provide Image Which resolution should be 300 x 300 pixel and not exceed 70 kb.
  • Now Click The Box Where Wrote ” I fill in the form consciously and all the information is true.
  • Now Submit The Application Form by Click Submit Button.

Dhaka Govt School Admission Circular 2021

So, You Are Done For Fill Up The Application Form. Now, You have To Pay Application Form Fee. When You Submit Application Form, You Will Get Application Form and Payment Slip. Now Pay Your Application Fee by Sonali Sheba Form Any Sonali Bank, Where provide Online Service With Sonali Sheba.

Udayan High School Admission Circular 2021


Udayan High School Admission Result 2021

No Admission Test Will Held For Udayan School Class One Admission. Class One Called “Shishu Class”. But Students Have To Face Viva Test. Students Have To Bring Legal Guadian’s at Viva Test. Viva Test Date Will Notify Later. Now Follow Below Instruction For Attend Viva Test.

Bring Those Papers in Viva Test

Online Application Print Copy & Payment Copy

Students Birth Certificate’s Photocopy


Udayan High School Class One Lottery Result 2021

Udayan high School Class One Lottery Result. The authority will notify about Lottery Draw Date and Time. After That Udayan High School Class 1 Lottery Result will publish at Institute Notice Board and Official Website. We will publish Udayan School Class one Lottery Result Through this article. So, Stay With us For Getting Udaya High School Class One (Shishu Class) Lottery Result.

Govt High School Admission Circular 2021

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উদয়ন সমাজ কল্যাণ সমিতি usks
উদয়ন স্কুল ভর্তি
উদয়ন স্কুল এন্ড কলেজ
উদয়ন সমাজ কল্যাণ সমিতি নিয়োগ
উদয়ন সমাজ কল্যাণ সমিতি বরগুনা
হিমালয়ের উদ্যান
হিমছড়ি উদ্যান
হরিণ উদ্যান
হৃদয় উদ্যান
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