Standard Bank Ltd Job Circular 2020

Standard Bank Ltd Job Circular 2020 published. Standard Bank Ltd is a leading third generation private commercial bank that has a work environment that promotes multiplicity, embraces change, and provides leadership opportunities to every team member We are on a fast track within the banking industry and are looking for highly skilled professionals to take us even further.

Standard Bank Ltd Jobs Circular

SBL can be your right choice, it you are ready looking for a career, that will give you ample scope to develop help you unlock probable to make a real headway. At Standard Bank Ltd, our employees are valued as individuals and recognized for the contributor -is they make

Standard Bank LtdAs an effort to enrich its winning team to facilities the expansion program the bank desires to recruit 9th batch of Management Trainee officer (MTO) with potential individuals who are challenge striving forward looking, Proactive, self-motivated with positive attitude and pleasing personality, Possessing Consistent high grade academic track record with the following criteria are encouraged to apply:

  1. I) Masters in Business Administration
  2. II) Masters in Bank Management

III) Masters in Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Banking, Human Resources Management, MIS, English, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, International Relations, Law, Public Administration, Physics/ Applied Physics, Chemistry/ Applied Chemistry, Mathematics/ Applied Mathematics, Statistics/ Applied Statistics, Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Finance (or any related discipline to be decided by Bank) from reputed public and private universities both from home and abroad.

(iv) BBA from IBA of Dhaka University

(v) BSC (4 Years) Engineering in Civil, Mechanical, CSE & EEE torn reputed public and private universities both from home and abroad

Application Submission last Date: September 10, 2020.

General criteria

  1. Candidates must have minimum 3 (three) First Divisions/Classes with no 3rd division in any examination
  2. CGPA 3.00 & above in the scale of 5.00 In SSVHSC & CGPA 3.00 & above in the scale of 4.00 in Honors & Masters will be calculated as 1st Division
  3. CGPA 2006 above but below 3.00 in the scale of 5.00 in SSC/HSC & CGPA 2.25 & above but below 3.00 in the scale of 4.00 in Honors & Masters will be calculated as 2nd Division.
  4. Good Command over English & Computer literacy is a must

Age Limit: 30 years (maximum) as on 01.08.2020 (For children of freedom fighters upto 32 years). No affidavit in respect of age will be acceptable

The prospective applicants are requested to visit and may apply online with confidence by furnishing their detailed Resume with a recent passport size photograph. SSC certificate & last academic certificate (scanned: size 15-40 kb) using online Application Form.

After completion of the online application formalities, applicant with got a Computer Generated Money Receipt is deposit slip for TK 300/- (Three Hundred) only (non-refundable) in favor of Standard Bank Limited latest by September 10, 2020.

Standard Bank Job Circular 2020 Download


  • To avoid possible inconvenience due to serve congestion, please apply well ahead of the deadline.
  • Eligible and shortlisted candidates will be called for written test
  • Only successful candidates securing qualifying marks will be called for interview as per merit list of the written test
  • Selected applicants will be appointed as management Trainee officer (MTO) for a period of 1 (One) year with a consolidated pay of Tk 38500/- (Taka Thirty Eight Thousand Five Hundred) only. On successful completion of probation period MTOs will be absorbed as Senior Officer under the Bank’s regular pay packages as admissible in the grade.
  • Selected candidates will have to serve the bank for at least 5 (five) years at any of its branches/offices within the country.
  • Certificates of different examination submitted by the candidates to the bank will be verified from the respective institutions and Any kind of persuasion and falsification shall disqualify the candidature

Apply online

If you have any question about Standard Bank Ltd Job Circular, you can ask us. We will replay very quickly. Check all Bank Job Circular from our website. Stay with us to get all educational information.

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