Nursing Admission Waiting Result 2020-21 | DGNM Result BSc, Diploma

Nursing Admission Result 2019-20 | DGNM Result BSc, Diploma & Midwifery result publish today. Nursing result 2019-20 has been released on Directorate General of Nursing & Midwifery DGNM result website To download Nursing result PDF follow our article. We will attach here diploma nursing result 2019, BSC nursing result and Nursing Midwifery result pdf.

Nursing Admission Result 2019-20

Today we will discuss about the Nursing result 2019 so it will be good news for those who attended in BSC and Diploma Midwifery Nursing Admission. As you have come to our post and reading this post so you will get your proper nursing result and we can say that it is a right place getting your result. BD Nursing admission system is controlled by Directorate General of Nursing & Midwifery DGNM. result 2019-20

This ministry maintains all admission related procedure. This year nursing admission test circular published on November. Online application starts on 15 November and finished on 29 November 2019. BSC and Diploma nursing admission held on 20th December 2019.  This year a huge amount of candidates are participating on DGNM nursing admission test exam. According to last year hope that, nursing result 2019-2020 will announce within 25 December 2019. If you do not know How to check Nursing admission result then follows our instructions.

Nursing Admission Waiting Result

BSc in Nursing Admission waiting Result 2019-20

Nursing Science and Midwifery waiting Result 2019-20

Diploma in Midwifery waiting Result 2019-20

DGNM Diploma Nursing Result 2019-20

This year after completing the HSC exam result a lot of students wanted to admit in Diploma and BSC Nursing. This year nursing online application started 15th November 2019 and application submission completed on 30th November 2019. But after a few days ending the application the students participated in the admission test and now they are eagerly waiting for their admission result.

Diploma Nursing Result Download

Diploma Nursing, BSC Nursing and Nursing and Midwifery Admission Result will announced at the same time.  All course admission test result website is This website is one of the child sites of Directorate General of Nursing & Midwifery. When Nursing result announces then most of the student’s search for result link but they do not get proper result link.

BSC Nursing Admission Result

It is impossible that one student completed the nursing curse but he/she cannot get a job. As there are a lot of hospital and nursing home so nursing students has a bright future.  Directorate General of Nursing & Midwifery offers you three types of course. BSC Nursing is one of the most renowned and most competitive courses. This year 2 lakhs candidates are apply for BSC Nursing online application. This course admission test result will be published on 24th December.

BSC Nursing Admission Result download

Diploma in Midwifery Admission result

BD Diploma Nursing science admission test result announce soon. According to DGNM source, Diploma Nursing result will released on 25 December 2019. If you will get merit position then you can able to admit on nursing institutes. So wait for result. To get PDF result ,just click below blue button.

Diploma in Midwifery Admission result download

Nursing Institute in Bangladesh

  1. Faujdarhat Nursing College, Chittagong
  2. Bogra Nursing College, Bogra
  3. college of Nursing, Mohakhali, Dhaka
  4. Mymensingh Nursing College, Mymensingh
  5. Sylhet Nursing College, Sylhet
  6. Barisal Nursing Collage, Barisal
  7. Rajshahi Nursing College, Rajshahi
  8. Rangpur Nursing College, Rangpur.
  9. Dhaka Nursing College, Dhaka.

Total number of seats in Government Nursing

  1. Diploma in Nursing Science and Midwifery (3 years) -Mot Seats -2580
  2. Diploma in Midwifery (3 years) – Total seats – 975
  3. B.Sc in Nursing- (4 years) Total seats -1100

If you have any question about DGNM Result BSc, Diploma & Midwifery Nursing Admission Result 2019-20 then comment bellow.

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শিলা নার্সিং হোম
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নার্সিং সার্কুলার ২০১৯
নার্সিং সেবা অধিদপ্তর ঢাকা
নার্সিং সার্কুলার 2019
নার্সিং সিলেবাস
নার্সিং সার্কুলার ২০১৯-২০
নার্সিং সম্পর্কে জানতে চাই
নার্সিং সেবা
নার্সিং সার্কুলার ২০১৮
নার্সিং সার্কুলার ২০১৭-২০১৮
নার্সিং হোম
নার্সিং হোম ডেলিভারি
নার্সিং হাত
নার্সিং হোম সার্ভিস
নার্সিং হোম কি
নার্সিং হোম কেয়ার
নার্সিং হোম পিকচার
নার্সিং হোস্টেল
নার্সিং হোম কলকাতা
নার্সিং হাসপাতাল
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