Daffodil International College HSC Admission Notice Result 2020

Daffodil International College HSC Admission Notice, Result 2020. Daffodil International College HSC Admission circular 2020 has been announced. Interested applicants can apply in Daffodil International College HSC Admission circular 2020 by using board determined website at www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd & also our website.

Daffodil International College, one of the country’s leading educational institutions, is an intellectual power house. Our journey starts in 2003 with a slogan “Daffodil International College A Major Landmark in Educational Arena”.

Daffodil International College HSC Admission 2020

Daffodil International College EINN Number: 134564

Daffodil International College HSC Admission application will start from 13th May 2020 and it will be finishing on 9th June 2020. Daffodil International College HSC Admission Result will publish on 16th June 2020.


All College HSC Admission Circular 2020

Admission Qualifications:

Group Minimum CGPA
Scienc 3.5
Business Studies 3.0

Daffodil International College Application process:

SMS System

At first, click on the SMS option of Teletalk mobile and write CAD <space> 134564 <space> 1st two letters of the desired group (SC/BS) <space> 1st three letters of the education Board <space> SSC roll no. <space> passing year <space> desired shift (M/D) <space> version(B/E) and then sent to 16222.

*In response a PIN (Personal Identification Number) will be provided through a return SMS informing college EIIN (134564) and name of the college (Daffodil International College), name of the group (SC/BS) and shift (M/D) along with the required amount of money as fee. If a candidate wants to apply, he/she will click on the SMS option and write CAD <space> Yes <space> PIN <space>Contact Number (personal) and send to 16222.

Business Studies SMS System

CAD space 134564 space BS space DHA (Passing Board)space
SSC Roll space 2018(Passing Year) space Reg.No space M space B Send 16222

Science SMS System

CAD space 134564 space SC space DHA (Passing Board)space
SSC Roll space 2018(Passing Year) space Reg.No space M space B Send 16222

English Version SMS System

CAD space 134564 Space SC space DHA (Passing Board)space
SSC Roll Space 2018(Passing Year) space Reg.No space M space E Send 16222

Return SMS

CAD space Yes Space Pin No space Own Mobile No. Send 16222

For Online Process:

According to the Education Board System; Students must apply Online for HSC admission 2020-2021. College admission online Application process.

Necessary papers/documents submission for admission:

  • Original Transcript of SSC examination or internet copy (Until the original copy is delivered from school).
  • Original Testimonial signed by the Headmaster.
  • 04 (four) copies of passport size color photographs.

Daffodil International College Address:

Campus: 3/3, Block-A, Lalmatia (opposite of Dhanmondi Govt. Boys High School), Dhaka-1207. Contact No. : 9126198, 01713493227, 01713493199

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