Classic Group Job Circular 2020

Classic Group Job Circular 2020 has been published in the online job portal for the job seekers, the company owner looking fresh good job holder for their office null position, interested candidate check the private company job requirements which helps to know if you are applicable or not the Classic Group job.

There are many private companies in Bangladesh, the Classic Group is one of them, they produce various products and various services for the peoples around the country, now you can sure you are right candidate then by maintain their procedure to submit your application.

■ Organization Name: Classic Group

■ Post Position Name:  Sales Officer

■ Job Published Date: 26 February 2020

■ Application Deadline: 27 March 2020

■ Salary: N/A

■ Educational Requirements: See Job Circular Image

■ Experience Requirements: See Job Circular Image

■ Number of Job Vacancy: N/A

■ Website:

■ Jobs Location: Anywhere in Bangladesh.

■ Job Source: BD Jobs

■ Job Nature: Full-time

■ Job Type: Marketing/Sales/Business Development

■ Applying Procedure: See Job Circular Image

Classic Group Job Circular 2020-

Classic Group Job Circular 2020

If you want to private company job news such as Classic Group Job Circular to go on company web address www.classicin.comin here you will get huge information about the job. For more bd job news to see our more job news such as company job, bd jobs, new job, today job, group of company job, and many more.  For instant update to like Facebook page and join group. Thanks for your time being.

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