Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Result 2020 |

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Result 2020 on Shilpakala Academy Computer Operator Written Result 2020 has been published. Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Computer Operator Written Test Result is now available on our website.

Under the Ministry of Cultural Affairs Department the Shilpakala Academy is directed. Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy is one of the most powerful departments of Bangladesh. Shilpakala Academy works everywhere for the entertainment management and all time for making the security and to maintain the peaces for the people of Bangladesh. Shilpakala Academy usually helps to people to get their own rights. So people hope to get job in police department to make a secure and fresh career. To apply for those posts read the circular and apply in the right way.

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Result 2020

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Computer Operator Written Test Result was published on Ittefaq today. Now you can download Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Computer Operator Written Test Result 2020 from below.

Bangladesh Shilpakala AcademyIf you are looking to get the job exam result of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy then you can find the result at the right time from our web page. To get the result of Shilpakala Academy job exam 2020 stay connected with our website.

The details Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Practical Exam notice is available below. To download  Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Written Test Result 2020 click below:

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Written Result 2020

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy written test was held on 10/05/2020 for the post of Office Asst cum Computer Operator. Candidates who have passed in the written test, have to appear in practical exam. Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Practical Exam for the post of Office Asst cum Computer Operator will start from 16/05/2020.

Bar Council Result 2020

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman established “Shilpakala Academy” on 19th February 1974 with the national interest in developing a creative humanitarian nation. Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy is the only national institute for the development of art and culture. Under the law of National Parliament, Shilpakala Academy was recognized for the purpose of creating a cultural impact by preserving and maintaining historical and cultural activities all over the country and was initiated after tearing down the former Pakistan Art Council in 1974.

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রেনেসাঁ শিল্পকলা
রংপুর শিল্পকলা একাডেমি
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রংপুর শিল্পকলা একাডেমী রংপুর
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