Aarong Job Circular 2020

Aarong published New job vacancy Notice at www.aarong.com. aarong job circular offer some New vacancy in this post. Graduate in any reputed University student can apply this job circular 2020. You have to complete your aarong online application before March 3, 2020.Many People Search for www.aarong.com application form , www.aarong.com circular 2020, aarong part time jobs, aarong dhaka jobs, aarong job notice download, aarong full time jobs,job apply instruction in google. All information about aarong published by bdjobsone.com

Aarong Job Circular 2020 – www.aarong.com

Aarong Job Notice,New part time jobs in Aarong published by www.aarong.com . When aarong official website published New Recruitment notice then you can also check aarong updates at bdjobsone .com . Bangladesh Part time jobs circular of aarong Full information available here. Let`s Check below aarong Job Information in February 2020.

Organization Name : Aarong
Official website : www.aarong.com
Positions: Officer (Financial Planning & Analysis), Finance & Accounts
Number of Vacancy: 01
Required Experience:  At least 1 year(s)
Educational Qualification : BBA/ MBA with major in Finance/ Accounting from any reputed university.
Job location: Dhaka Jobs
Salary: Negotiable
Apply Method: Online
Source: www.aarong.com
Publication Date: 11 February 2020
Application Deadline: March 3, 2020
For more information see below this original circular

Job Responsibilities
  • To collect & compile data from all SBUs for forecasting accounts preparation.
  • To assist in Annual Budget Preparation for CAPEX.
  • To assist in ad-hoc reports and presentations.
  • Contribute in the business update reports.
Additional Requirements
  • Basic knowledge of IAS, IFRS and GAAP
  • Knowledge in Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Tax, VAT, Treasury
  • Skills in MS Office, MS Excel
Compensation & Other Benefits
  • Provident fund, Weekly 2 holidays, Insurance, Gratuity
  • Salary Review: Yearly
  • Festival Bonus: 2

Send your CV to career.aarong@brac.net

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If You want to apply www.aarong.com you have to visit there official website . You can Also download Aarong Job Circular Application Form at bdjobsone.com . For Next Updates about aarong job circular, Apply process stay with us.

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